Welcome to Young Professional Center located at 25 Church Hill Road at the corner of Queen Street, in the heart of Newtown. We are dedicated to the residents of Newtown, Sandy Hook & the surrounding areas to service their medical and counseling needs...

We know how busy people are these days, and how helpful it would be to have services within 'arm's reach'.  That is our goal - to give our local residents medical and professional services within our own community.  At Young Professional Center, our Health Professionals includes DR. JOSEPH YOUNG, VILLAGE EYE CARE, a well established Optometric Practice, DR. RICHARD AUERBACH, PEDIATRICIAN, a prominent Pediatrician who has been caring for Newtown's (& surrounding areas) children since 2002; THERESA McMORROW, LSCW, a highly respected Licensed Certified Social Worker;   Our other professionals include YOUNG EYES, LLC and CAPLA CORPORATION.‚Äč  Dr. Auerbach's practice also includes DR. MARINA ARENA, PEDIATRICIAN, Pediatrician and GINA REITMEYER, APRN, Lactation Consultant, who offers an extensive breastfeeding program.

Also part of Young Professional Center is DANA MARTINEZ, PSYD. and JESSICA WARD, LCSW as well as DAVID JACOB, LCSW, Family Counselor.

Young Professional Center 

...And to our patients and customers that may need a little more care...Young Professional Center took special care and consideration of all our patrons that may need to come to our office...  To our senior citizens, parents with strollers, handicapped individuals or anyone that may need more helpful access, we have an easy on/off ramp directly off the parking lot; an ADA compliant elevator as well as large family friendly and ADA compliant bathrooms.

Young Professional Center
25 Church Hill Road
Newtown, CT  06470

Welcome To Young Professional Center